Manager, Chemistry Laboratory


Newport News, VA

What you'll be doing

Performs qualitative and quantitative analyses of organic, inorganic compounds, or biologics to determine chemical and physical properties during chemical syntheses, fermentation or drug product development process by verifying their identity, purity, and homogeneity. Conducts research to develop or improve analytical techniques, methodology, procedures, and investigates application of instruments in analysis. Organizes and interprets all data obtained using a wide variety of instrumental technologies. Provides supervision to laboratory staff engaged in the environmental health science analytical chemistry and/or radiochemistry laboratory. Implements the procedures and systems to maintain and enhance the laboratory's effectiveness. Monitors all laboratory data, consistent documentation of methodology and appropriate record keeping procedures associated with the laboratory operations. Submits capital equipment requests and supervises the procurement, installation, operations and maintenance of specific laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Primarily responsible for assuring effective utilization of technical personnel and responding promptly to the needs of organization unit.

What your background should be

Minimum 5 to 7 years of work related experience is required. Experience should include a minimum 2 years of supervisory responsibility. The supervisor must have an extensive knowledge in the laboratory quality requirements of NELAC and ISO 17025. Must have good communication skills. Basic computer skills.

Required Schooling / Training

BS degree in chemistry, biology w/chemistry minor or similar bachelor of science program.

Who is the client company

This is an American shipbuilding company.
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