Literacy Specialist


Plymouth, MA

What you'll be doing

Meets regularly with ELA coordinator, director, and elementary principals. Assists with the planning and facilitation of bi-monthly meetings with consulting teacher of literacy and title 1 reading teachers. Builds the capacity of consulting teacher of literacy to act as building-based literacy coaches. Promotes and facilitates research-based best practices in literacy instruction. Plans and conducts professional development including in-service, teacher study groups, and after-school workshops. Conducts demonstration lessons, observes lessons and provides mentoring to reading and elementary classroom teachers. Analyzes and reports student achievement data in conjunction with administrative staff and data teams. Collaborates with the ELA coordinator and principals regarding the purchase of elementary literacy materials. Collaborates with principals, ELA coordinator and director on the creation of building schedules and service delivery models that support best practices in literacy instruction. Performs such other related tasks and assumes such other related responsibilities as may from time to time be assigned by the ELA coordinator.

What your background should be

Maintains a valid and current Massachusetts department of education teacher certification in the area of reading k-12. Valid MDESE certification is required. Successful classroom teaching experience at the elementary level. Experience as a teacher leader: collaboration, facilitation and implementation of best practices. Working knowledge of local and state reading assessment instruments and related curriculum. Demonstrated computer proficiency and ability to integrate technology into instruction. Ability to interpret, implement, model and disseminate research-based best practices in literacy instruction.

Required Schooling / Training

A masters degree or higher from an accredited college or university.

Who is the client company

Concern about educational services.
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