Laboratory Services Supervisor


San Antonio, TX

What you'll be doing

Responsible for work with appropriate staff member on client company health and safety training and documentation. Must ensure all policy meet any current federal or state regulation or law. Ensure that pollen count perform as need for each protocol or at least 4-5 time per week. Neat and organize documentation of these count maintain and make available for all coordinator. Train additional staff to perform and document pollen count. Ensure maintenance of the pollen counter is done as appropriate. Responsible for work with appropriate staff member to set up using a qualify service to pick up medical waste, set up regular pick up, assure documentation for track of disposal complete and current, keep current of regulation, order supply as need and train additional staff as need. Set up a system for staff member to access lab instruction file for each study and to ensure the collection, packaging and shipment of clinical specimen are done per protocol and any federal or state regulation. Maintain temperature and humidity log for all specify area on a daily basis. Responsible for contact with outside alarm vendor for freezer. Perform other duty as assigned.

What your background should be

At least 2 years of clinical research experience in the laboratory area. Supervisory experience preferred. Strong interpersonal and communication skills; excellent attention to detail; exceptional organizational and planning skills. Able to project staff, supplies and equipment needs in advance. Needs to have good troubleshooting skills. In depth knowledge of the clinical research process, including good clinical practices. Able to make good sound decisions under stress and with time restraints. Must be able to follow written and verbal communication. Must be punctual. Must have flexible hours.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree (preferably in the field of medical technology).

Who is the client company

The client company provides full-service drug development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
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