Job Coach


Grass Valley, CA

What you'll be doing

Monitors and teaches disabled clients job skills to help them succeed in their job. Supports clients by answering questions and providing direction to clients throughout their work day. Assists clients/employees with arrival and departures; meeting and monitoring public transportation, caretakers, etc. Coaches and trains clients in managing their attendance, schedule, performance, interactions, and personal behavior. Maintains case files to include case notes, incident reports, health and safety risk assessments, time cards, employee evaluations, performance summaries, wage evaluations, work assessments and related paperwork on a daily basis. Communicates with consumers, supervisors, and the general public to ensure that the client and all relationships are successfully maintained, proper approvals are received, and to maintain a positive working relationship. Ensures correct procedures are followed when handling situations relating to emotional, physical, or psychological breakdowns. Position requires frequent local and occasional regional travel by automobile to visit clients work sites. Performs other duties and special projects as assigned.

What your background should be

Must have one or more years of experience working with people with disabilities is preferred. Computer literacy and skills to use business software and the internet in a variety of applications, including memos, schedules, spreadsheets, and data entry. Experience providing direction and assistance to others. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Knowledge of business English including vocabulary, spelling, and correct grammatical usage and punctuation.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma or GED required.

Who is the client company

This company is a nonprofit corporation and leading employer of people with disabilities nationwide.
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