IT Security Specialist


Albuquerque, NM

What you'll be doing

Review and revise policies, procedures, access forms and access agreements related to the security of patient health information. Coordinate and conduct information risk assessments to ensure patient health information is adequately protected. Coordinate, analyze and document application access audits. Lead information security training and awareness programs to educate the workforce. Ensure appropriate access controls, both physical and application access controls. Serve as information security consultant to the organization. Address and ensure disaster recovery and business continuity of patient health information. Work with other information technology teams to evaluate, recommend and implement new technology to increase data security. Ensure the successful implementation and maintenance of defined standards and policies. Establish, implement and lead an incident response team to contain, investigate and prevent future breaches of patient health information. Participate in breach investigations and maintain documentation of breach investigation and mitigation plans. Maintain the IT audit log and work with the systems and networking teams to ensure vulnerabilities are minimized and compliance is achieved.

What your background should be

Minimum two (2) years of experience in an information technology role focused on security in a healthcare environment. In-depth knowledge of the HIPAA security rules and other government technology laws. Strong technical skills (application and operating system hardening, vulnerability assessments, security audits, TCP/IP, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, etc.).

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in information systems/computer science.

Who is the client company

If you are interested in this position, send your resume to