Intervention Consultant


Pontiac, MI

What you'll be doing

Provide leadership in curriculum development in reading and language arts. Design and conduct professional development programs in the area of reading intervention. Provide leadership and instructional direction to local school districts regarding curriculum, instruction and assessment in reading intervention. Provide curriculum support to schools not making adequate yearly progress. Oversee the development of K-12 curriculum and assessments in reading for use in the county. Work cooperatively with parents, local school administrators and staff, multidisciplinary evaluation teams, curriculum councils, community groups, and others on matters related to reading intervention as well as particular concerns. Serve as a liaison to external agencies. Serve as a resource to families, school personnel, external agencies, professional organizations and others. Work within assigned team to identify, design, manage, evaluate and assess products and services which are designed to support increased student achievement. Maintain knowledge of current research, leading edge developments, and legal mandates related to reading intervention.

What your background should be

Valid teaching certificate. Three or more years of related experience including two years of teaching AARI in the classroom. Trained as AARI coach. Experience presenting at local, state, or national level preferred. Participation in AARI train the trainers preferred. Other certifications may be required based upon assignment. Ability to properly utilize tools and equipment necessary in conducting professional development workshops.

Required Schooling / Training

Master's degree

Who is the client company

Provide educational programs and services to students.
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