Hospital Central Services Technician


Seattle, WA

What you'll be doing

Transport soiled instruments, basins and equipment from patient care areas to the appropriate decontamination areas. Sort, soak instruments and equipment; disassemble as needed; load into baskets and process through automatic washer or sterilizers. Prepare disinfectant solutions from toxic substances and chemicals according to manufacturers specifications; disinfects instruments and equipment such as tourniquets, drills, endoscopy equipment, infusion pumps, etc. Operate semi-automatic cart washer to clean case carts, utility carts and other equipment. Inspect, test, assemble, package, label and date instruments, supplies and equipment. Tag broken or damaged instruments or equipment for repair and remove items from service. Prepare specialized instruments and equipment for steam, gas or chemical sterilization as appropriate. Package instrument sets in a manner that facilitate sterility and ease of use. Assemble, set up, test and document the set up and testing of specialized equipment (example: drills and flexible scopes). Load autoclave carts and process instruments, equipment and supplies through the appropriate sterilization cycle. Verify correct sterilization cycles by checking and signing autoclave printouts and sterilizer load cards. Perform and document sterilizer function tests using vacuum, chemical and biological indicators; take appropriate action for abnormal results. Inventory and store sterile instruments, equipment and supplies; restock or re-supply as necessary to maintain appropriate par levels.

What your background should be

Two years of experience processing complex trays of surgical instruments and equipment or equivalent education or experience.

Required Schooling / Training

High school graduation or equivalent.

Who is the client company

Concern about educational services.
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