High School Librarian


Hot Springs, SD

What you'll be doing

The high school librarian assists in selection of library media staff clerical aid or office aid. The candidate plans and assigns responsibilities for library science students. Selects purchased materials and equipment to moving toward a balanced collection. Prepares an itemized budget complete with files and equipment model numbers to be reviewed and approved by the board of education for the following year. Develops an orderly procedure for circulation and distribution of print/ and non-print materials and equipment. S/he provides for preview of materials, and inventory, and maintenance of all print/non print materials, and equipment. Plans for efficient use of media center through scheduling with all staff. The incumbent provides notification of up-coming library schedule through newsletters or staff bulletins. The applicant directs the use of inter library loan for research from available sources at the state library or library networking systems. This position sustains orderly and appropriate conduct of students using the media center. Informs and interprets all phases of the program to the administration. S/he acts as a consultant at curriculum workshops and departmental meetings, which deal with the acquisition of library materials. The candidate informs teachers and students of newly acquired materials and of services offered. S/he assists teachers in correlating unit materials and techniques leading to extended use of media center and services. Continues efforts toward professional improvement, shares and seeks knowledge willingly, handles changes, interpretations, and last-minute requests effectively and calmly, and approaches teaching with enthusiasm, energy, and optimism. Implements district mission and policies, and works to achieve district goals, actively participate on school committees, and supports school activities.

What your background should be

Successful applicant must hold or be eligible to obtain a south dakota school library media certificate and be knowledgeable in the school library content standards. The candidate should have effective communication skills and positive problem-solving attitude in the workplace. S/he should have to promote teamwork within the staff, act as an appropriate role for students, and demonstrates the fairness and consistency. The incumbent should have to evaluate the library media program and its services continuously. The applicant should have to collaborate with the library media center an integral part of the instructional program by educating the teachers and students in skills needed to use it effectively.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is a public school district and provides educational services.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com