Groomer-Pet Stylist


Addison, TX

What you'll be doing

Providing high quality grooming and building lasting relationships with clients. Providing excellent pet care and special client service. Performing the perfect groom. Coordinating the grooming demand efficiently and productively. Ensuring grooming quality control. Writing groom reports for clients. Performing, training, supervising bathing, including ear cleaning, nail trimming, brushing out, sanitary cutting if needed. Managing the bathing and grooming facilities including equipment. Managing a positive relationship between the bathing team and grooming team. Personal client correspondence (know client name, pet name, pet habits, sensitivities)(emails, phone calls, greeting/escorting, report cards). Developing and growing positive relationship between self and clients. Ensuring 100% client satisfaction trough superior, personal, special client service.

What your background should be

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

Concern about veterinary pet care services.
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