Grad Intern Associate


Hartford, CT

What you'll be doing

Understand the financial implications of business decisions. Draw accurate conclusions from financial and other quantitative information. Set and pursue aggressive goals to reach peak performance. Demonstrate independent thinking and initiative. Actively share new ideas and concepts that contribute to business success. Scan environment to generate new ideas and methods for improving performance. Analyze problems or issues from different points of view to find the optimal solution drive and execute strategy. Use financial analysis to evaluate strategic options and opportunities. Translate organizational strategies into clear objectives and business action. Avoid surprises by anticipating problems and developing contingency plans to manage them. Prepare realistic estimates of budget, staff, and other resources. Create and communicate operating plans. Align resources to support strategic priorities. Act decisively to recover from business crises and ensure business continuity.

What your background should be

Finance/delivering profit and performance skills. General business/communicating skills for impact. Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communications skills essential.

Required Schooling / Training

MBA degree.

Who is the client company

Concern about healthcare services.
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