Framework Architect


Waltham, MA

What you'll be doing

The candidate will be responsible for developing the oam&p framework and architecture, including device on boarding, device discovery, device liveliness monitoring, device upgrade, parameter provisioning etc. The candidate will also be responsible for developing the analytics framework as part of the oam&p architecture, identifying critical data sources and applications that will help monitor the health of devices and behavior among other things. The candidate will be working on tying with existing oss/bss. The candidate will also be working on defining the device naming structure and manageability views extracted via gui or apis. The candidate will be responsible for defining the provisioning of aaa elements and network elements as the architecture mandates.

What your background should be

5+ year experience in large scale m2m services monitoring, management, administration, and provisioning. 5+year experience in architecting and developing scalable management network frameworks & systems. 5+ year experience in developing web services. Understanding ability to 3gpp lte and networks and large scale endpoints.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor Degree in computer science or electrical engineering at minimum, with preference for a graduate degree.

Who is the client company

It is one of the largest wireless telecommunications provider company.
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