Fossil Operations Technician


Marshall, NC

What you'll be doing

Check and monitor equipment and systems daily to ensure proper operation and detect problems as they occur. Responsible for startup, normal operation and shutdown of all major and auxiliary equipment and systems in the plant following approved operating procedures. Understand equipment operating principles, operating parameters, interlocks, alarms, and how the equipment functions within its respective system. Perform basic maintenance on all equipment such as changing oil, greasing, changing filters, filtering oil, cleaning adjusting packing, etc. Understand the purpose and function of the equipment and systems in the plant. Line up systems for various modes of operation. Utilize necessary equipment to remove wastes from the plant. Must be familiar with emergency procedures to follow during periods of abnormal operation. Isolate and lock out/tag out equipment for maintenance. Troubleshoot equipment/system problems and fix if possible. Originate work requests for those problems that cannot be resolved by operations. Inspect equipment and be able to identify problems. Maintain accurate logs and records associated with the operation of auxiliary equipment, incident reports, shift logs, checklists, etc.

What your background should be

Demonstrated experience or abilities in monitoring and troubleshooting equipment in fluid system operation. Experience or training in computer-controlled equipment. Demonstrated mechanical or electrical experience. Demonstrated positive work attitude and the ability to work effectively with other employees. Good verbal and written communication skills. Must have valid driving license.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma.

Who is the client company

Concern about electricity generation,transmission & distribution and natural gas.
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