Fisheries Technician


Spicer, MN

What you'll be doing

This position conducts professional and technical activities within the department of natural resources, division of fish and wildlife, section of fisheries, to provide the fisheries supervisor with data needed to develop management plans. To conduct lake and stream surveys, population assessments, natural reproduction checks, dissolved oxygen tests, creel surveys and special field investigations so that fish populations and aquatic habitat can be properly assessed and managed by area supervisor. To conduct various phases of angling easement monitoring, acquisition, and management so that angler access is obtained, maintained, and improved such that improved and enhanced angling opportunities may result. Collaborate in the proper operation, maintenance and repair of field equipment, shop tools and equipment, fleet vehicles, area headquarters building and grounds and fisheries owned/operated structures and properties; so that management objectives can be carried out with optimum safety, efficiency and effectiveness. Initiate and maintain good public relations and effectively communicate with fisheries clientele and the general public on current operations, management practices, fisheries policies and department of natural resources policies; informed and cooperation and support is achieved. Perform non-project and personal administrative duties in an efficient and timely manner so that departmental programs and priorities are property and efficiently implemented.

What your background should be

Minimum experience in related field. Must have basic understanding of water chemistry. Basic computer proficiency including experience using Windows and Microsoft Office software sufficient to enter field data. Interpersonal skills to work effectively on teams; listen; understand and carry out oral and written directions; and provide customers with general information on fishing seasons, regulations, and resource management policies. Oral communication skills sufficient to inform public and provide general information on fishing seasons and regulations, fish management and hatchery activities. Ability to work outdoors in all seasons and during inclement weather conditions.

Required Schooling / Training

Associates degree.

Who is the client company

This is a midwestern U.S. state.
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