Faculty in Cancer Research


Oklahoma City, OK

What you'll be doing

The client organization invites applications for faculty positions and cancer researchers utilize their science backgrounds to discover new ways to prevent and treat all kinds of cancer. May conduct laboratory studies on the role genetic markers play in predisposition to certain cancers and how different treatments affect the growth of cancerous cells. Experts in pharmacology may lead clinical trials to test new cancer-fighting drugs on patients. Cancer researchers can usually be found doing a fair amount of writing, from grant proposals to secure funding for cancer research to manuscripts that are published in medical journals and other scholarly publications. At universities may be a part of the faculty and have teaching duties in addition to their research and writing work.

What your background should be

Experienced is needed. Any equivalent combination of training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skill, and abilities.

Required Schooling / Training

PhD, MD, or MD/PhD in a relevant discipline.

Who is the client company

The organization places a high priority on promoting translational research that moves research ideas into clinical applications.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com