Externship Instructor-Culinary


Dallas, TX

What you'll be doing

The externship instructor will monitor and conduct high quality externship instruction, including assessment of learning, clear documentation of student progress and support of success of at-risk students. Encourage students to pursue externship opportunities by providing them valid information regarding the benefits to do so. Perform high quality externship instruction to students. Provide each student with clear expectations, evaluations, and timelines through carefully written outlines, and approved syllabus. Participate/co-present with career services with touch point presentations. Suitably challenge, engage, serve and communicate with students. Document student progress. Provide fair assessment to students. Ensure course and program learning outcomes are achieved as defined by the syllabus. Procure, build, and maintain externship site relationships for the assigned program. Assist in the site selection process for externships. Interview students in order to assist them in securing the best externship based on their education, goals, and skills. Inform students about the possible options have in terms of externships. Follow-up with the externship site about students who are currently working at the site. Maintain all student externship education files and spreadsheets. Update attendance and grades for all students completing the practicum components of the program. Achieve all externship goals to assist in building strong relationships and reputations. Respond to student questions on a timely basis based on the standards for school/SBU. Provide ongoing research for students interested in internship/externship information to gain knowledge in specific industries, and assist in resume building, developing leads, and application completion. Maintain assigned office hours; be available to students as needed. Work with executive chef and other appropriate groups on retention activities. Development complete and maintain an individual development plan/summary. Attend regularly scheduled in-services and content/discipline specific development activities. Responsible to maintain credentials as required by accrediting councils/agencies. Other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

Two years' or more of prior teaching experience. Must be instructor qualified. Minimum three years in the culinary/hospitality industry experience. Excellent communication skills. Basic math skills. Superior customer service skills. Ability to multi-task and ensure projects go smoothly from start to end. Good project management skills. Good presentation skills. Networking and sales knowledge. Basic computer skills in Microsoft office. Advanced knowledge of culinary arts. Knowledge of professional kitchen equipment. Advanced knowledge of sanitation. Advanced knowledge of professional food service management. Good administration and organizational skills.

Required Schooling / Training

Who is the client company

This is one of the world's largest hospitality education institution. Its education focus is on hospitality management, culinary arts and gastronomy.
If you are interested in this position, send your resume to apply@kochdavis.com