Director Portfolio And Decision Analysis


New York, NY

What you'll be doing

This position is accountable to serve as a single point of contact for all assets within a particular disease area or serve as technical expert for certain aspects of bu or ru portfolio demonstrate ability to frame individual asset or project opportunities in the context of the da portfolio, the bu portfolio and broader pfe portfolio. Maintain the keen awareness of group dynamics to know what is working in project teams and demonstrate flexibility to quickly adjust course and take a different tack if necessary. Lead analyses, across large cross functional teams, that guide strategic investment decisions by implementing decision analysis methodologies to evaluate alternatives and incorporate relevant cost, risk and return inputs. Work with consumer teams to define patient benefits and build revenue opportunity models in the context of anticipated marketplace dynamics. Outline clinical development plans with scientists to establish r&d costs, timing, and technical feasibility. Consistently select the most appropriate analytical framework to inform the teams decision with a crisp and simple analysis and robust support for the recommendations. Clearly communicate critical insights which impact strategic investment decisions by bringing the project or asset teams to clarity in their recommendations to governance. Facilitate executive briefings and prepare teams for a decision to invest. Support the portfolio and disease area prioritization. Provide analytical decision support for non asset projects by applying appropriate analytical techniques. Support analyses that guide investment decisions for externally sourced product opportunities. Partner with licensing teams in the frame, evaluate and integrate technical risk and commercial potential and provide appropriate portfolio context for licensing opportunities.

What your background should be

At least 10 years total work experience in management consulting, investment banking and strategic planning, finance or decision analysis preferred. Experience in healthcare a must, experience in pharmaceuticals preferred. Proficiency in expected cash flow modeling, understanding of economic value measures and other types of analytical modeling (e.g. monte carlo simulation, decision tree analysis, etc.) Required: strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills, appropriate for interaction with clients, vendors, and senior management.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree in business or science or medicine required.

Who is the client company

This is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation.
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