Community Connector


Columbus, OH

What you'll be doing

Review claims and care management databases. Contact members providers/caregivers. Travel to last known addresses. Travel to community resource center locations such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc. Assess members needs in person through home or community based visits, complete appropriate assessments, develop an ICP, and document in the company as indicated. Conduct ongoing or telephonic and face to face outreach visits with members as needed. Perform follow up tasks as indicated. Promote and encourage positive health behaviors. Assist member with understanding their healthcare benefits. Help schedule appointments with providers. Arrange transportation for healthcare visits. Follow up with member on missed appointments. Support members access to community resources for housing, food, employment, etc. Assist member to maintain medicaid eligibility and with other financial resources as appropriate. Assist members with building a support system through family, friends, and community.

What your background should be

One or more years of experience working within a defined community or member of a defined community with specialized training. Valid state driving license. Proof of car insurance. Proven competency in health care basics, community resources, communication (verbal and written), individual and family advocacy, social services, health education and service skills and responsibilities.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma

Who is the client company

Concern about healthcare services.
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