Clinical Subjects Coordinator


Ann Arbor, MI

What you'll be doing

Receiving visitors and study participants, receiving and recording telephone calls, assembling and disseminating information and opening and routing routine mail. Relieve the sr. clinical research coordinator of study tasks when necessary and as directed. Respond to requests, via the principal investigator and/or clinical research coordinator, and from the study sponsor (DoD), or the VA central office and research service. Work cooperatively with principal investigator, sr. clinical research coordinator, and other medical center and study personnel. Use medical centers computer system to identify and classify patients for eligibility in the study. Create, maintain and update study files and appointment calendars. Schedule and remind (through mail and telephone) patients for scheduled study visits. Schedule tests, obtains medical records, lab results and other patient information via medical center computer system, chart search and printed result reports, at the request of the principal investigator and/or sr. clinical research coordinator. Review eligibility and complete study consent as directed. Ensure accuracy of spelling, grammar, wording, etc. of all correspondences and study documentation, preparing labels and packages. Assist in management of study data forms and flow of information, including data collection, entry, cleaning and review as directed.

What your background should be

Effective communicaton and strong interpersonal skills. Knowledge of computer operation, including word-processing, database and statistical software. Some knowledge of biological and medical principles and practices is desirable. under Michigan law, a criminal history check including fingerprinting is required as a condition of transfer or employment for this position.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor's degree in a mental health or psychology related field and basic background in research methods.

Who is the client company

Concern about research and educational services.
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