Clinical Security Specialist


Pueblo, CO

What you'll be doing

Ensures the physical security integrity of the company facility by patrolling perimeter fences, restricted areas, and building, on foot or in a vehicle; by detecting intrusion attempts through surveillance techniques. Provides entry control into the company facility by means of employee/visitor identification procedures involving the use of identification cards, special passes, and visitor lists. Provides circulation control within company facility by utilizing interior surveillance cameras and monitors to identify persons requesting access to other area, and then operating the electric door control panels to allow that access. Provides interior security by patrolling the patient ward areas on either regular, or irregular basis, establishing preventive enforcement though officer presence. Precludes the introduction of contraband into the facilities by searching all incoming patients, visitors, packages, and/or containers of any kinds, and then apprehending and detaining all violators for prosecution. Retains custody of criminally insane patients and/or convicted felon patients during both on/and off grounds treatments and legal hearings by escorting the patients to and from such clinics and/or courts in full restrains, in accordance with Department Policies. Recovers custody of criminally insane patients who have escaped, and/or civil Court committed patients, who have left without authority, by traveling to other jurisdiction, taking the patients into custody, and escorting them back to the institute. Provides security assistance to ward staff and department police officers by assisting them in the physical control and/or restraint of dangerous, combative patients. Ensures validity and continuity in the security accounting and reporting system by accurately recording all pertinent security information in log books and by obtaining and preserving all essential patient documents. Serves as a supervisor to assigned staff/unit (including performance management and managing employee relations). Performs other duties as assigned or required.

What your background should be

Ability to work on-call, evenings, holidays, and weekends. Ability to work shift work as required. Must be 21 years old or older. Must possess and maintain a valid driving license. Must have no felony convictions and no violent history. Must pass a drug screen. Must pass a Colorado bureau of investigations and a federal bureau of investigations background check as a condition of employment. Included in the background check is a current and/or previous employer check. Your current and/or previous employers within the past 10 years at a minimum must be listed on your job application (most recent in descending order). Experience in dealing with persons with mental illness preferred. Able to demonstrate problem-solving abilities preferred. Effective communication skills, both written and oral. Previous experience working in a facility that serves mentally challenged individuals preferred. Experience working in a supervisor capacity (including managing performance and employee relations) preferred.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

Concern about mental health care services.
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