Clinical Nurse Educator


Memphis, TN

What you'll be doing

Consult with the administrator and director of nursing (DON) in formulating the goals and objectives of the orientation and on going in service educational programs at the facility. Assist the administrator and DON in formulating an effective recruitment, hiring and orientation process designed to improve overall associate retention. Coordinate the scheduling for the delivery of educational programs with the DON, administrator and other department supervisors. Schedule and coordinate orientation for all new associates and agency staff. Schedule and coordinate ongoing assessment of clinical competencies for nursing service staff. Provide on going assessment of resident clinical outcomes and identify where additional education or training is required to improve outcomes. Continually monitor resident care & services to ensure that the highest level of care & service delivery is provided and intervene, as required, to improve care & service delivery. Identify areas of greatest risk for the facility and working collaboratively with the risk management coordinator, implement corrective action to reduce and minimize such risk.

What your background should be

At least two years experience in long term care as an RN, preferably as a nurse manager or in a supervisory capacity. Experience with organizational change efforts. Ability to work in an organization and understands organizational change dynamics. Experience with the evaluation of clinical outcomes or care and service delivery and the methodologies to affect positive change. Must have the ability to plan and develop new programs, teaching methods and approaches to problem resolution, as needed.

Required Schooling / Training

Nursing degree from an accredited college or university or graduate of an approved RN diploma program.

Who is the client company

This is an American investment management company.
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