Clinical Engineering Maintenance Technician


Brooklyn, NY

What you'll be doing

Perform corrective and preventive maintenance. Troubleshoot and identify faulty parts. Submit part requisitions to order replacement parts. Document corrective actions in service database. Perform physical inspection of assigned systems. Perform preventive maintenance procedure and checks to systems. Replace parts that fail preventive maintenance checks. Clean systems of dust and debris from filters and internal components. Inspect and tighten all connections, electrical and hardware. Ensure all mechanical movements of systems function within manufacturers specifications. Replace hardware as necessary.

What your background should be

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record demonstrating mechanical ability or equivalent military training. A demonstrated command of written and verbal communications skills. Excellent customer service skills and aptitude. A working knowledge of e-mail, database management, spreadsheets, and word processor applications. Ability to multitask. The ability to lift a minimum of 50lbs.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified.

Who is the client company

This is an American foodservice, facilities, and clothing providers supplying businesses, educational institutions, sports facilities, federal and state prisons, and health care institutions.
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