Clerical Support (Records/Registration Clerk)


Westview, HS

What you'll be doing

Assist attendance department in monitoring chronically absent students and advise administration of contact for the purpose of tracking attendance and keeping record of home contacts. Assist in the administration of placement testing for new students as needed for the purpose of assigning students in the appropriate level classes. Assist SIS manager in enrolling students, entering test data, entering course requests during pre-registration, assist with report cards/progress reports and track students testing out of courses. May perform duties as SIS manager on an emergency basis if needed for the purpose of providing support and ensuring completion of necessary data to complete assignment. Audit teacher grade books and prepare grade books for storage; destroy student records and teacher grade books for the purpose of adhering to the records management manual for school. Complete transcripts/records requests for incoming/outgoing/graduated students for the purpose of providing necessary documentation as requested. Maintain a high level of confidentiality for the purpose of ensuring privacy.

What your background should be

Skills are required to perform multiple, non-technical tasks with a need to occasionally upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: operating standard office equipment including pertinent software applications such as basic SASI, Microsoft Word and Excel computer applications; preparing and maintaining accurate records. Knowledge is required to perform basic math, including calculations using fractions, percent’s, and/or ratios; read a variety of manuals, write documents following prescribed formats, and/or present information to others; and understand multi-step written and oral instructions. Ability is required to schedule activities and/or meetings; gather and/or collate data; and use job-related equipment. Problem solving with data may require independent interpretation; and problem solving with equipment is limited to moderate.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma or equivalent.

Who is the client company

This is an educational service provider institution.
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