Northbrook, IL

What you'll be doing

Empty, clean all waste receptacle and remove waste paper and rubbish from the premise to designated area; damp wipe receptacle as necessary. Empty and clean all ashtray, screen all sand urn supply and replace sand as necessary. Vacuum all rug and carpeted area in office, lobby and corridor. Hand dust and wipe clean all office furniture, file, fixture, paneling, windowsill and all other horizontal surface. Damp wipe and polish all glass furniture top. Remove all finger mark and smudge from vertical surface, to include door, doorframe, around light switch, private entrance glass and partition. Wash, clean and disinfect all water cooler. Sweep, with broom all private stairway and vacuum if carpeted. Police stairwell and clean or damp mop spillage. Damp mop or clean any spillage in office and public area as required. Damp dust telephone. Dust all picture frame, chart, graph and similar wall hanging. Damp dust all ceiling air conditioning diffuser, wall grille, register and other ventilating louver. Keep slop sink room in a clean, neat and orderly condition. Wipe clean and polish all metal hardware fixture and other bright work. Clean entrance door glass inside and outside. Properly clean and buff tile floor service as needed. Follow all safety and personnel rule and regulation. Perform other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

Previous experience preferred but not required. Must have ability to work with other crew members and be able to take direction from supervisor. Must be able to perform all physical aspects of the above job duties.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

The client company is a facility management provider in the United States.
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