Braid Utility


Cornelia, GA

What you'll be doing

The braid utility will be responsible for set-up, operation, and monitoring of the following equipment and the associated testing, documentation, and procedural compliance. Preprocessing-loading rack winding machine and material; performing and verifying diameter and tension checks. Creating and verifying tickets and labels; loading racks into ovens appropriately; charting and monitoring appropriately for accuracy and completeness. Operating bulk spool machines; creating labels and verifying yardage; and unloading ovens. Pliabilization insuring required loading of material and proper set up; sampling, testing, and system data entry. Hot stretch machine-set up and operation per specification; verifying readings. Skein/scour operations-transferring material from braider reels onto skeins; scour skeins of material. Perform coating operations-weighing, mixing, and calculating percentage solids of solution; set up coating equipment; testing solution and record data. Performing inspections, sampling, labeling using electric devices to identify and remove defects, perform adjustments, and ensuring required quality. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor/facilitator.

What your background should be

A minimum of 1 year of experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred. Experience working in a good manufacturing practice (GMP) environment preferred. Basic computer skills required. Must have strong analytical and problem solving skills. Must have the ability to manage multiple tasks and various processes and coordinate with other departments to effectively perform job duties.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma, GED, or equivalent required.

Who is the client company

This subsidiary company is a trusted, worldwide leader in surgical care.
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