Bilingual Teacher


Aurora, IL

What you'll be doing

Schedule, plan and instruct student on district and state approved curriculum in self contained classroom and in small group setting. Provide systematic instruction by teaching the lesson in English or a designated second language as is appropriate to meet student need. Interact with student by speaking fluently and precisely, modeling good language and vocabulary usage in both English and a designated second language. Conduct screening to determine student eligibility in program. Review and interpret result. Set high expectation for student and hold student accountable for their academic work. Construct and conduct assessment to evaluate progress. Monitor and review student progress via assessment, maintain record of student work and develop intervention strategy to ensure student success and growth. Monitor own instructional effectiveness. Communicate both verbally and in writing with parent and student on progress. Encourage parent involvement in monitoring student progress. Collaborate with other grade level or departmental teacher and support teacher to plan, accommodate, implement and assess lesson and progress. Consult, provide advice and in service to staff on issue relating to bilingual education. Actively participate on various building and district team or committee. Provide feedback and act as liaison to other building staff. Enforce and support school policy, philosophy and objective with student and parent. Collaborate with other staff in planning, modifying, enhancing and implementing curriculum and school objective. Participate in staff development and school improvement activity in order to maintain professional growth. Plan and incorporate best practice or new strategy. Maintain accurate and current record required by state and federal requirement. Establish a safe atmosphere conducive to a positive learning environment. Act as role model on appropriate behavior ensuring social and emotional development is progressing normally. Participate in event outside of the regularly scheduled work day such as orientation, open house or conference. Perform other related duties as assigned.

What your background should be

The qualified candidate will have a valid Illinois professional educator license with the following endorsement: K-9 bilingual or K-12 bilingual. Flexible and team oriented preferred. Candidate with middle school endorsement in one or more of the following preferred: math, science, English language arts, social science.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

Concern about educational services.
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