Behavior Specialist


Fort Lauderdale, FL

What you'll be doing

Collects behavioral data and monitors the progress of each client through the analysis of the data, ensuring procedural modifications are made as warranted. Conducts, under the direct supervision of a behavior analyst, thorough functional assessments/analyses of target behaviors and makes recommendations, which may include necessary medical evaluations, environmental accommodations and behavioral interventions. Consults with co-workers whose patients require behavioral assessment and intervention. Demonstrates and models effective and therapeutic interaction strategies which reinforce adaptive and appropriate behaviors. Develops and delivers instructional programming utilizing behavioral reduction methods which consider the individual needs, interests, abilities, and developmental levels of the child. Establishes baseline measurements of targeted behaviors and monitors the data for stability, validity and reliability. Implements individualized programs, which include acquisition and reduction procedures related to the functions of the target behavior. Instructs and consults with families/caregivers in behavior program implementation as well as assisting them in locating necessary resources which will aid in success of intervention.

What your background should be

Minimum 1 or more years of related experience working with pediatric population, including the development and implementation of behavior programs. Must possess and demonstrate effective written communication skills for record keeping and report writing as well as excellent interpersonal skills. Computer skills in Word and Excel. Knowledge in behavioral assessment, behavior plan development and implementation, data collection and interpretation, and basic knowledge of verbal behavior.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor's degree.

Who is the client company

Concern about hospital and healthcare services.
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