Assistant Service Manager


Bradenton, FL

What you'll be doing

Work from check lists, schedules, service requests, logs, contracts, warrantees, and instructions. Track and determine the status of service requests in computer system and close records for completed orders. Investigate and resolve issues where service orders are past due in computer system. Update and maintain a wide range of records and documentation including EPA logs, MSDS sheets, smoke detector records, asset inventory, fire log, compactor log, and pool log to ensure that records are current and meet with established standards for accuracy and completeness. Check warranty information and ensure that repairs to covered units are performed in keeping with warrantee requirements. Maintain spare parts inventory. Requisition supplies, materials, and parts as required ensuring that inventories are maintained at prescribed levels. Conduct and document move-in and move-out inspections. Orient new residents to the operation of appliances in apartments and respond to questions. Respond to punch lists and prepare apartments for move in for new residents, ensuring that all check list items are processed and resolved. Determine repair, material, and supply requirements and perform any range of repairs including replacement of damaged floor covering, repair of walls, counter tops, fixtures, fans, windows, doors, and appliances, involving mechanical, electrical, plumbing or HVAC systems or units. Respond to service requests to investigate and make mechanical, electrical, plumbing or HVAC repairs to damaged or broken apartment or amenity elements as reported by residents or staff or escalated by service technicians. Examine reported problem, determine extent of repairs, materials and supplies required and make any range of repairs to damaged or broken units. Notify supervisor when outside contractors are required for attention to unusual conditions. Monitor the work of outside contractors and maintenance staff and ensure repairs are made in keeping with quality and safety standards. Paint any range of interior and exterior surfaces and fixtures at assigned properties, including apartments, club house and amenity areas, compactor areas, speed bumps, signs, posts, gates, street markings, and hand rails. Touch up building exterior surfaces as required. Clean and prepare surfaces, pressure washing as appropriate. Perform any range of special projects to install or repair items to increase the aesthetics, safety, or quality of the property, as assigned such as adding lighting to trees, repairing fences, building shelving, and moving or installing equipment. Observe property grounds and notify supervisor of safety hazards, property damage or unsightly conditions on grounds. Notify supervisor of the need to replenish materials and supplies when low and process requisitions as required. Store and maintain supplies and materials in keeping with procedures and standards.

What your background should be

Over three and up to five years required to be fully familiar with required techniques, equipment, systems, documentation, and work routines. Regular physical effort required performing mechanical repairs which is equivalent to continuously lifting or moving average weight material. Physical activity includes walking, squatting, bending, pushing, and climbing ladders as needed.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is a real estate company.
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