Assistant Principal


Austin, TX

What you'll be doing

This position assists the principal of an individual high school in supervising the overall educational and support activities and staff of the school. Incumbent supervises a variety of school functions, such as support services, special activities and programs, student discipline, and curricula development. Incumbent also holds responsibilities for evaluation (appraisal) and supervision of teaching and other school staff. Incumbent may be involved in supervision of multiple areas of instructional, support, or special programs and activities depending upon assignment from the principal. The primary responsibility of this position is the supervision and discipline of students and supervision and evaluation (appraisal) of teachers and support staff at the school level. The assistant principal is expected to take an active role in fostering a positive school climate. The assistant principal is expected to support the principal in maintaining appropriate school and community relationships. Provide general supervision to students before and during school, and after school at extracurricular events; meet with students to address discipline, attendance, health, and other personal issues. Perform formal annual evaluations of teacher/classroom performance through formal observations, unscheduled class observations, student progress/achievement, and parent/student comment. Conduct performance reviews of support staff as assigned. Review practices and subject matter covered to assure compliance with guidelines and policies. Supervise other administrative staff such as custodians, school nurses, secretaries, etc.

What your background should be

The successful candidate needs three years of successful classroom experience. A valid principal certification. Ability to assign weekly and daily duties to support staff. Ability to assign special projects and other tasks to teachers on a continual basis. Explain school programs, policies, procedures and objectives to teachers and support staff in regular meetings, individual conferences, and written directives. Ability to assist principal in establishing, revising, and approving basic professional standards of conduct not addressed by district, State, and federal guidelines. Arrange for and assist in conducting formal workshops for teachers in teaching methods, discipline, and other issues. Consult with teachers on professional development matters. Counsel teachers on professional development, classroom performance, and personal problems. Counsel students and parents on student performance, behavior, and personal problems. Hear grievances from teachers, parents, and students.

Required Schooling / Training

Master degree

Who is the client company

This is a well known and selective public magnet high school for students interested in liberal arts, science, and/or mathematics.
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