Assistan Store Manager


Tucson, AZ

What you'll be doing

Assists the store manager in the day to day operations of the store. Responsible for supervising all store personnel in the store managers absence. Works in conjunction with the store manager to maximize collections, production, sales, salvage, and customer service. Ensures the timely processing of donations received at the store and properly completes the production records. Ensures donations reach the sales floor within 24 hours. Ensures maximum sales performance through proper stock rotation, display, signage, and inventory levels. Ensures that store meets or exceeds sales goals on a consistent basis. Ensures that store is presenting quality customer service to all shoppers, donors and employees. Ensures that proper attention is given to the sales floor. Securely handles cash, cash receipts, bank deposits and ensures the security of the safe combination, keys to the store as assigned and all aspects of store operations. Reports all unusual or suspicious occurrences as happen, or are brought to your attention, to the Store Manager. Assists in the completion of employee work performance evaluations and provides feedback to both the employee and the Store Manager. Coordinates and communicates transportation and maintenance needs to the appropriate individuals.

What your background should be

Three (3) years retail supervisory experience or a bachelors degree in retail or a related field preferred. Sufficient knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting to maintain simple store records. Knowledgeable in merchandising and industry trends. Ability to operate a cash register, count money and make change. Ability to supervise and train team members. Ability to read, write and speak English. Ability to realistically assess values of merchandise. Must have a valid Arizona drivers license, reliable transportation and the willingness to drive to meetings, bank, and other Goodwill locations.

Required Schooling / Training

High school diploma or GED. Bachelors degree preferred.

Who is the client company

This is an American non-profit organization that provides job training, employment placement services and other community based programs for disable people.
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