Providence, RI

What you'll be doing

Facilitate quarterly learning plan, meeting with each student and their family. Implement, by instruction and action, the BPL philosophy of education. Forecast the educational need of each student based on their interest and ability. Identify learning opportunity and internship for students. Facilitate internship search through phone call, shadow day and informational interview to ensure that each student has an internship. Monitor student internship through site visit, phone call and mentor meeting. Report on each student's educational and social progress in detail through quarterly narrative, phone call to parents and weekly student meeting. Run at least two session with advisory per day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Attend weekly staff meeting, monthly retreat and yearly training session. Facilitate additional educational and health service for each advisee as needed. Mediate student conflict. Maintain complete and factual record on each student as required by school and law. Work with staff on strategy for grade level, school and network. Make provision to be available to students and parents for education related reason outside of the school day when necessary.

What your background should be

Appropriate state or Rhode Island teaching certificate-secondary level. Basic knowledge of all teaching subjects and a specialty in a specific area. Basic knowledge of pedagogical theories, perspectives and developments within education. Basic classroom management skills. Oral and verbal communication skills. Organizational skills, multi tasking abilities. Ability to demonstrate competency in other content areas beyond certification content, particularly in math, science and literacy. Resiliency, ability to improvise and work through uncertainties.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree, master degree preferred.

Who is the client company

This is an educational service provider institution.
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