Advanced Tooling Lead


Iron Hill, DE

What you'll be doing

Analyze and correlate non-functional testing requirements, architecture/infrastructure, and testing results to specify what needs to be tested, what monitoring should be in place both during testing and in production, and come up test plan and strategy to identify stress, failure and contention points of the application under testing. Will be responsible for analyzing and correlating requirements and testing results, and come up with recommendations for applications across corporate technology with different technologies. Define and improve IT technology processes towards recognized industry standards. Bridge the gap between the current and desired quality levels by balancing short-term needs with long-term perspectives of success. Will develop and maintain performance engineering standards and processes and manage process improvement activities. Create common business specific non-functional testing measurement frameworks and track improvement against these metrics. Leverage dynaTrace for business transaction analysis and conduct deep level analysis of application under testing from end to end, pinpoint the root cause of non-functionality issues.

What your background should be

Minimum 5+ years of proven, strong and recent experience with non-functional testing and/or performance with engineering/diagnostics tools such as dynaTrace, Wiley, AppDynamics or similar. Expert knowledge and skills in problem definition, identification, and resolution with a clear logic approach to problem solving. Expert knowledge of diagnostic tools, particularly in diagnosis of non-functional issues, and dump analysis.

Required Schooling / Training

Not specified

Who is the client company

This is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company.
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