Accounting Assistant


Wichita, KS

What you'll be doing

Our company provides an opportunity available for the Accounting Assistant. The position is located in Wichita (KS, United States of America). The chosen candidate for this role will be required to provide competent support for the CMLSI as well as to perform various administrative duties.

What your background should be

The basic requirements for the Accounting Assistant role: - A / P experience. - High School Diploma. - Communication and telephone skills. - Associate in Accounting. - Ability to co-work with the other members of the personnel. - PC computer skills and ability to work with MS Office suite elements. - Data Entry skills. - Ability to accurately and quickly adapt.

Required Schooling / Training

High School Diploma.

Who is the client company

Our company provides a unique opportunity for everyone, who strives to develop his / her career to the fullest while diving into a meaningful work that will definitely make a positive impact upon the people all over the world. The employees will be proud to work for a well reputed organization with a solid history of ethic and a key purpose of nourishing individuals. Our company representatives provide a diverse, supportive environment where everyone can professionally and personally grow while learning from the most gifted and experienced people within the field. With almost 150 years of professional experience our company provides now agriculture, food, industrial and financial services and products all over the globe. We are proud to have 143 000 talented employees who operate all over 67 counties. They are absolutely committed to feeding the global community in a responsible way, improving the communities we serve and reducing environmental impact.
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