Account Manager (oil & gas industry)


The Woodlands, TX

What you'll be doing

Act as a communications interface between regional and corporate management and the branch, creating a positive work environment in which employees understand the client needs and operate as a team to provide a consistently high quality of service to both client and customer. Monitor and manage the financial performance of locations in the assigned area. Develop and manage budgets, compiling, reviewing and analyzing data. Develop proposals and make recommendations to branch manager on improving operating procedures to maximize profitability. Be aware of and report new account prospects and competitive activity to regional management. Coordinate with clients and vendors, initiate and manage the process for the purchase of needed equipment and services. Manage the financial performance of each account within the branch. Monitor and manage operating expenses, analyze performance, develop plans and make recommendations for improvement. Develop and oversee implementation of marketing and customer service programs at each client and approved by regional management, and review all such reports along with the monthly statements with each client. Manage and develop management personnel within the branch to ensure that each individual account is well managed and that all employees are motivated and encouraged to work to maximum potential. Ensure that all employees are clear about what is expected of them and the ways in which their position contributes to the company success. Ensure accomplishment of the branch manpower and succession plans through recruitment and staffing activities. Evaluate and project staffing needs. Initiate and participate in the recruitment and hiring of the branch work force. Make and oversee intelligent placement of employees, initiating transfers to maximize efficient operation of accounts. Promotions and demotions must be approved by the operation manager and the regional/branch manager. Manage and ensure the management of employee’s performances at the locations within the assigned area. Evaluate and oversee evaluation of employee performance and establish or ensure the implementation of employee development plans. Develop subordinates to maximum potential by providing ongoing coaching and training, and manage and resolve or ensure resolution of performance problems up to and including termination (with approval of next level of management and regional human resource manager) as necessary. Ensure that all performance actions taken are legal, fit within company policy, and are properly documented. Build and maintain a productive working relationship with union representatives within the branch. Communicate effectively on the company behalf in handling first line grievance activity. Work proactively to avoid or minimize grievance activity by training and developing the management skills of individual account managers, ensuring their ability to develop positive work environments within each account. Develop and oversee implementation of an operations manual within each account. Oversee account operations to ensure that you operate within operating and audit control system procedures and policy, that comply with legal requirements and meet all safety standards. Conduct regular location visits and inspections to identify operational problems and audit control problems. Identify and correct problems, developing and implementing programs and recommending policy. Implement procedures set forth in the company injury and Illness prevention program in compliance with federal and state OSHA laws to ensure a safe workplace by training employees on safe working habits, conducting periodic onsite safety checks, investigating reports of safety hazards within 24 hours of notice, and taking actions to correct hazards in a timely manner. Assist the regional/branch manager or the regional VP with special projects and assignments and take on any other management responsibilities not specifically identified above on an as needed basis.

What your background should be

Excellent verbal and written English communication skills. Excellent customer service skills. Proficient with Windows, Excel, Word and Lotus Notes. Excellent leadership skills. Work experience in the oil and gas industry preferred. Valid driving license and good driving record.

Required Schooling / Training

Bachelor degree

Who is the client company

Concern about integrated facility solutions and services.
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