Academic Support (Educational Specialist)


Honolulu, HI

What you'll be doing

Assess, enroll, and monitor each qualified student; create and use a data tracking system for each student's required service hours. Advise students on scholarship community service requirements, on-going service opportunities and options, and policies and procedures pertaining to the university service award conduct group and individual mandatory orientations and workshops for undergraduates and prospective students. Prepare and present information sessions regarding the university service award, service learning and civic engagement to on and off campus organizations for students, faculty, administration, and/or the community. Prepare surveys and detailed reports on the university service award program as well as the other activities in the service learning program for the director, to the administration, university offices, federal and state offices, and/or the community as applicable. Develop, plan, implement, and manage outreach and marketing programs for the service learning office such as volunteer fairs, campus center tables, website and media updates. Prepare a variety of correspondences online and hard copy related to the programs/projects of the office of service learning/civic engagement. Assist the director in promoting retention and graduation rates at the university by doing presentations to all students and departments wanting to participate in service learning/civic engagement. Prepare and/or assist the director in researching, writing and submitting grants, program descriptions, and proposals, for service learning/civic engagement from all possible sources such as federal, state, and community offices. Perform other duties as assigned.

What your background should be

Three years of progressively responsible professional experience with responsibilities for program administration, community and service learning; or equivalent education/training or experience. Considerable working knowledge of principles, practices and techniques in the program administration and community and service learning as demonstrated by the broad knowledge of the full range of pertinent standard and evolving concepts, principles and methodologies. Considerable working knowledge and understanding of applicable federal and state laws, rules, regulations and theories and systems associated with program administration.

Required Schooling / Training

Possession of a bachelor degree in education, social sciences, or related field.

Who is the client company

Concern about educational services.
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